14 4 / 2014

"This is what I know about love, that it is tested every day, and what is not renewed is lost. One either chooses to care more or to care less. Once the choice is to care less, then there is no stopping the momentum of goodbye."

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12 4 / 2014

When I’m so hungover and absolutely nothing is making me feel better


Pretty much sums up my saturday morning.

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07 4 / 2014


Your Daily Relatable Love Quotes and Love Images

Need this tonight. And maybe tomorrow. And maybe the night after too.


Your Daily Relatable Love Quotes and Love Images

Need this tonight. And maybe tomorrow. And maybe the night after too.

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06 4 / 2014

I had a great weekend

Yes, I had to do some work and yes work does not stop just because “our offices are closed on Saturdays and Sundays” (in fact, I probably should set an out of office email every week with that. You know, just to make a point.) but, in the bigger scale of things, i learned to take a step back and appreciate every tiniest thing in my life. The truly amazing thing about life is that, once you stop wallowing yourself in self-pity and misery, you tend to  realise that HEY LIFE IS ACTUALLY PRETTY AWESOME. (not always, because i can think of a couple of things that just can’t be better even if you change your perspective, but today is not one of those days)

Maybe I am slightly delirious but I feel like I am ready to take on the world (again!) I will really appreciate if I no longer have to do my 2/3am nights. But at the end of the day, France in few weeks time :D :D :D Can’t quite contain my excitement. This is my 4th? 5th? visit but always a pleasure to be back in paris! Especially since I am going with my dearest who has planned out the most awesome itinerary for me!!! :D

Goodnight world, your forever-and-always-nineteen-kidult :D

30 3 / 2014

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20 3 / 2014

It wasn’t even a monday but it still felt like the world was collapsing on me.

02 2 / 2014


Your Daily Relatable Love Quotes and Images


Your Daily Relatable Love Quotes and Images

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22 12 / 2013

Happy 365 my darling!!

A huge shout out to The Man in my life because no one else will bother reading this other than him so I shall indulge myself a little tonight (again).

I know that I am definitely not the easiest person to love but thanks for always loving me even on days when I make it immensely difficult for you to do so. On this arbitrarily decided occasion, I just want to thank you for pampering me like no else does and for enriching my life in so many different ways! I can only pray that I make you feel vaguely the same, although I know that I definitely fall short by quite a distance but please take comfort in knowing that I am always trying my very best!

Here’s to many many more! <3

(Hashtag whale Hashtag pumpkin Hashtag shamelesslyindulgent Hashtag anniversary!) - doing this because u know how my mac doesn’t have hashtag shortcut and i forgot the combination of buttons to press but u get my drift hahaha

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20 12 / 2013

Every once in a while, you will get such a rotten day that you just want to fast forward time and get over this day. Just because the hope of getting over a bad day appears to be the only consolation for what seems to be a curse of all things bad happening within a span of 24 hours.

Fast forward already, please.

03 12 / 2013

"Silence is only frightening to people who are compulsively verbalizing."

William S. Burroughs (via nathanielstuart)

(via booklover)

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